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Mexican Recipes, Dishes and Ideas from Tablespoon

Mexican Recipes, Dishes and Ideas from Tablespoon

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All The Ways We Eat Mexican for Dinner

Because we can't stop, won't stop, and neither should you. All of your Mexican restaurant favorites can be made right at home. No reservations required.

Party-Ready Apps and Party Ideas

A party without these recipes is just a get-together. A party with these recipes? Now that's something to get excited about!

Mexican Cocktails Made for Celebration

Whether you're celebrating Cinco de Mayo or mixing up a drink for a summer backyard barbecue, these cocktails will get the party started and keep it going.

Taco Night Done Right

Beef, chicken, vegetarian, fish—we've got a taco for every tastebud right here. And thanks to Old El Paso™ taco shells and tortillas, we've got every way to eat 'em, too.

Mexican In the Morning

Buenos dias! Spice up your morning with these breakfasts that bring the heat to the table.

Mexican Desserts

From flan to churros, these desserts make a strong case for not filling up on chips and salsa.

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